June 26, 2009

The idea behind the novel

On the Bridge began as an entry for the FaithWriters weekly writing challenge. The topic for the week was the word sad. As I prayed for an idea, a picture appeared in my mind. It was a woman kneeling in the dirt on the bank of a river and crying. In that moment, I knew she had a story to tell and I began wondering why she was sobbing. Then, I had to decide what would happen next to her. Over the next few days, I wrote an entry and submitted it the night before it was due.

A week later I found out the results of the challenge. On the Bridge received a first place in the intermediate division. Even more exciting, it received first place in the Editor's choice. This means two things. One, I wrote the saddest story of the week. Two, the entry will be published in an upcoming FaithWriters anthology. Here is the link to the entry.

The win came during a difficult time for me. I was facing a big decision and experiencing doubts about what I was supposed to do. After learning the results, I could clearly see God telling me to focus on writing. I have learned that when I earnestly seek God, He will guide me.


Joanne Sher said...

I LOVE hearing this story of yours about the 1st place EC (this one, and the one about your baptism!). I suspected that's where you got the title from, but I wasn't certain. I have to go back and read that story. I remember it, but it's been a while.
Praying you through, dear.

Dee Yoder said...

I think I remember that story, Seema! Looking at your progress bar, you're doing very well in getting it written. Yay!

Rita said...

I just finished reading your challenge entry, “The Bridge.” I found myself blinking back the tears, as I did the first time I read it. I enjoyed the way the characters came to life, making me want to know more. It is wonderful that you are using your talent and gift of writing to praise His name.

Sita said...

Hi Seema,
I saw your comment on Peter's blog and had to pop by. I had a friend in college named Seema, a Punjabi woman, and we lost contact a while back. I was hoping it was one and the same and that she had become a Christian!
Oh well...I'm going to read your story later...
Blessings to you..
Sita in Toronto