December 8, 2009

Novel update

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances right now, I have not been able to update this blog or work on my novel. My hope is to resume regular posts in January. Thank you for your patience.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Seema! I'm Anita Howard from Pixels-n-Pens. Congrats on winning both second and third places! That's pretty incredible. :-)

Just wanted to congratulate you, then I got to reading your blog and your two short stories about Mary Elizabeth. Good job on getting so much done on the novel! WOW. Keep up the hard work. I'm 93% done with my latest one, so I can appreciate the hard work it takes. Hang in there; I've no doubt you're going to finish it.

Judging by the excerpts I've read, it sounds like a very touching novel, and lots of Inspirational publishing houses are looking for historicals. BTW, if you're knew to the blogging community, one of my good friends writes a blog that a LOT of inspirational writers follow. You might meet some potential online crit partners, if you're interested. Her blog is called BookingIt, and here's the link:

Stop by sometime and tell her Anita sent you. :-) BTW, your Christmas stories were a delight to read.

Take care and God Bless!